Perfect combination between science&art

From Germany·Famous Wisdom
From Germany·Famous Wisdom

DEAO ELEVATOR,It comes from the noted intelligence in Germany,It adheres to the rigorous industrial spirits of the German Nation, It merges with the traditional Chinese aesthetics. It is all along assiduously engaged in lifting up the human vertical transport civilization. It pursues the peak of the consummate quality by the unremitting technical innovation. It annotates the developing spirits and perfect idea of DEAO ELEVATOR.

Technology innovation·People-oriented
Technology innovation·People-oriented

Innovation is the pith in DEAO products’ research and developing. DEAO Elevator has an excellent R&D team, according to elevator newest technical developing, DEAO designed products’ R&D strategy based on market, technical and competition. DEAO always keeping self-innovation as well as search various technical cooperation and communication.

Service essence·striving for excellence
Service essence·striving for excellence

We have a firm foothold in the market by high quality and enjoy a good reputation in the elevator industry by famous brand.? At the same time of consolidating core business value concept, DEAO people keep increasing competitive power of DEAO brand.? It actively pushes forward the business progress and developments!

Suzhou DEAO Elevator Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Germany Joint Venture which integrates the lift design, manufacture, installation, transformation, repair and maintenance into a whole. DEAO is a German brand, High and new technology enterprises. It has got the toppest level of A-class in the elevator field. It is a member unit of China Elevator Association. Registered capital is CNY201.8 million and the whole investment is CNY500 million.

Suzhou DEAO Elevator success case


Maintain a lifetime

We provide elevators and escalator equipment with tailor-made standardized maintenance services. Under our careful maintenance, the service life of product can be extended, and our value-added services will protect your investment.

Customer service

Modernization of the identity of the customer service center by the national network identification system to provide accurate service for you. ONECALL barrier-free hotline 365 days 24 hours rapid response to your inquiry.

Reach the first time

Excellence comes from professional, maintenance technicians around the country are through strict training, professional skills, to ensure that the first time to provide you with the most comprehensive and quality services.

Spare parts supply

Level 3 spare parts storage, radiation across the country a wide range of logistics supply network can provide plenty of spare parts, lifelong products to the nearest let you never trouble back at home.


As a leading supplier of elevators, Suzhou DEAO Elevator with world-class technology and production technology to provide customers with excellent elevator and escalator systems to fully reliable products, competitive prices and perfect service experience, you create unique value. What you get is never a solution, but a wide range of solutions.

Add: No.588, Yita Road Wujiang Economic Development Zone.
E-mail:[email protected]
Service Hotline:400-889-9871

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