DP series
small machine room passenger lift

kernel driver

Permanent magnet synchronous machine without gear


Compact and light

Special purpose book type control cabinet for elevator


Energy saving promotion

Energy feedback technology


Green space

LED car lighting and automatic lighting system

DPN series
machine roomless passenger lift

Efficient use of space

Put the elevator in the well,
Lifting the room space for the construction of constraints.


Saving construction cost

All the equipment is installed in the well path, saving the cost for the construction business.


Unlimited freedom for architectural design

Free room, architects or developers can make a more free design.

Gao Jicheng computer control system

The 32-bit computer chip intelligent computer control system and a variety of optional control mode, to full speed closed-loop feedback regulation, has strong fault self diagnosis and recording function, make data processing more agile and carrying more robust.

VVVF Frequency conversion door machine

The VVVF technology is applied to the door machine system, which can freely adjust the speed of opening and closing. On the basis of the height of the car, the machine has the characteristics of strong reliability, smooth operation and high sensitivity.

Car automatic lighting

Using the best energy-saving LED decorative lighting, and assembly automatic lighting system, no call in the specified time, car and lighting will automatically shut down the car, double protection to achieve the most efficient and energy saving purposes.

Remote monitoring

Through advanced communication technology, it can control the operation of the elevator and the status of passengers in the elevator at all times, anticipate and eliminate the hidden trouble, and improve the safety of the passenger ladder.

IC card management system

Fully consider the needs of the owners, the freedom to add a variety of operating functions, not only to improve the safety and security of property management, but also to provide convenient access to special populations, in order to enhance the enjoyment of human services to enhance the elevator ride!

Gearless traction machine

Adopt a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology, with the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency low noise, stable performance, advantages of high power factor and zero slip, effectively enhance the efficiency, decrease the cost of energy consumption, to achieve energy-saving high standards.

Energy feedback system

Effective fusion energy regeneration concept and Dual PWM control of energy feedback principle, by using the energy return technology, elevator operation of heat energy is transformed into electrical energy to contribute to the grid, to realize the energy recycling, make energy-saving effect of a higher level.

Car decoration

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